Be Proud of Your Website.

As a freelance website designer, I know how challenging it is to put together a website that you are really happy with. From not knowing where to begin, to lack of artistic and/or technical knowledge, to limited time & money, most people often just give up or settle for a substandard end-product. It's time for a change. Let's build an amazing website together.


I kept the photos to show that this space can be used for your team in case you choose this theme. The team is just me. Since there is no fancy office, no expensive furniture nor any staff to pay for, I'm able to pass all the cost savings on to you.


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1. Template

Once you have purchased your domain and hosting service, just choose a template that you would like to use. Sections can be moved around or deleted if you don't need them. To keep costs low, I will only be able to make slight modifications to the template (ie. I won't be able to create entirely new sections if they are not already there).

2. Content

If you already have content (images, text, etc.), you can decide where best to place it. If not, just design around the template you have chosen. The templates will give you an idea of what should go where. I will send you all content requirements including photo dimensions.
Please note: It is up to you to edit all images to the appropriate dimensions and style.

3. Revisions

Once I receive your content, I will fit it into your template and upload it to a temporary site where you will be able to view and test your new webpage. At this point, there will certainly be images you would like to replace or titles and text that will need to get edited so that your site will look and flow better. I will work together with you to get your website looking just the way you want it.

4. Launch

Once you are happy with how your site looks, I will upload it to your domain where it will go live. Sit back, relax, have a coffee and proudly spread the word about your new website. I am certain everyone will be impressed.
*Don't forget to check out our website updating packages in case you need to update your site with new content, change existing content or remove content.

More Features.

1 Responsive.
Let’s face it: we live in a mobile world. It’s absolutely essential that your website be as accessible as possible on all devices. With a mobile focus, you can rest assured that every pixel will respond as it should no matter if your visitors are on a laptop, tablet, or phone.

2 SEO Friendly.
Search Engine Optimized. Our templates have been built using the latest, semantic HTML5 markup, allowing search engines to distinguish where your main content starts and ends. Our templates have all been expertly crafted to ensure that your site ranks as best it can.

3 Modern Designs.
Our templates are designed with thoughtfully incorporated elements that help tell stories and explain your company. Other elements work to improve how content looks on a specific device. All our elements are designed to work together to enhance your visitor's experience.